#MondayMeditation: Sacral Chakra

Last week, we explored the root chakra. This week we continue moving on to the next of our seven chakras: the sacral chakra or svadhisthana.

Sacral Chakra Basics

The sacral chakra, as the name implies, is located on the spine at the sacrum roughly between the base of the spine and the belly button and is associated with the hips, pelvis, and reproductive organs. The svadhisthana is the seat of creativity, pleasure, and emotions.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, we may be resistant to change, depressed, and highly self-critical. Our imbalanced response to pleasure in all its forms can lead to either deep-seated guilt or addiction. In relation to our sex drive, imbalances may manifest as  hypersexuality or repression.

When this chakra is in balance, we are open to creativity and pleasure and are receptive to change. We can trust ourselves and others. We are in tune with our feelings and open to joy.

Healing Through Meditation and Visualization

We can awaken the chakras in many ways, including meditation and visualization. Some simple suggestions are below.

Light meditation: The color of the svadhisthana is orange. Meditate on the color orange, imagining a spinning ball of orange, glowing light gathering and growing at the sacrum. Imagine the light moving along the spine and filling the body, stimulating warmth and vitality. Imagine the entire body is filled with and surrounded by a warm, orange glow. Feel the body open up to emotions without fear and to creativity without judgment. As you come to the end of your meditation, let that ball of light become smaller and smaller, returning to its place of origin. Feel vital and alive.

Mantra meditation: You can meditate using a simple mantra. The simplest option is to repeat “I feel” with each breath, mentally saying “I” with the inhale and “feel” with the exhale. Or you could vocalize the Bija mantra of the sacral chakra by taking a deep breath in and chanting “vam” on the exhale (the “a” sounds more like calm than lamb or click here to hear the correct pronunciation).


Visualization: The element associated with the sacral chakra is water. You can use this water meditation from 1001 Meditations by Mike George:

“The lake of calm. Visualize a beautiful mountain lake, its surface smooth as glass. Feel a breeze come up, sending ripples across the water. Then as the breeze dies, watch the ripples subside and the water become calm. Throughout the day, whenever a disturbance ruffles the surface of your mood, recall the image of the lake; feel the ripples of emotion settle into calm.”


Enjoy the rest of your day. Tune in tomorrow for #TastyTuesday.



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