#MondayMeditation: Throat Chakra

Over the past few weeks, we looked at the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras. Now we’re starting to move into the more spiritually-oriented chakras.

The throat chakra, or vishudda, is the seat of Truth and communication. Understanding the Truth seems simple enough but, in reality,  truth is shaded not only by our fluctuating moods and emotions but also by our environment, culture, and societal values. Being able to understand universal Truth means being able to recognize our biases and the role they play in obscuring the objective Truth.

Getting to the Trust means we must learn to express our emotions freely  and with integrity, without causing harm to others instead of repressing them. We are frequently taught from a young age that expressing sadness or pain is a sign of weakness. When our throat chakra is balanced, we recognize that these “negative” emotions are part of living a full, rich life. Finding creative and effective ways to express these emotions is a sign of strength, not weakness.

We must also learn the difficult task of non-attachment, recognizing that the Truth isn’t always what we want it to be. Accepting truth for what it is rather than trying to shape it to what we want is liberating and leads to inner peace.

Healing Through Meditation and Visualization

We can balance the chakras in many ways, including meditation and visualization. Included here are some simple suggestions.

384Light meditation: The color of the vishudda is blue, often a sky blue. Try this meditation from  1001 Meditations by Mike George:

“Visualize a blue spinning disk at the front of your throat. This will unblock the vishuddha throat chakra, which is associated with shades of blue. This is helpful if you find it difficult to express yourself verbally.

“Taking this exercise a stage further, lie on your back and place a small blue stone or crystal at the base of your throat. Closing your eyes, focus on the stone. Imagine its power activating the vortex of energy at your throat.”

Mantra meditation: You can meditate using a simple mantras. One option is to repeat “I speak” with each breath, mentally saying “I” with the inhale and “speak” with the exhale. Or you could vocalize the Bija mantra of the solar plexus by taking a deep breath in and chanting “HAM” on the exhale (the “a” sounds more like calm than lamb or click here to hear the correct pronunciation).

Stillness meditation: Listening is equally important to effective communication as speaking. One of my favorite teachers, Erich Schiffmann, often says, “Think less. Listen more,” during his workshops. Simple, but not easy. To help us get to that point is another effective meditation from 1001 Meditations by Mike George:

“Letting be. Much of the discord we experience comes from resisting what is. Take a step toward inner harmony by accepting whatever is happening in the moment. Silently say ‘yes’ to your thoughts and feelings, the sensations within your body, and the sights and sounds that you see and hear around you. Once you allow what is to simply be there, without wishing to change it in any way, you make contact with he stillness at the heart of being.”

Namaste, dear readers,



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