#ThoughtfulThursday: Throat Chakra

Yesterday, we looked at activities to find outlets for creatively expressing our truth. Today we’ll look at ways to open our chakra through introspective inquiry.

When our throat chakra is out of balance, we are unable to find our voice and express our truth. This can manifest as being silent when we should speak up or speaking in such a forceful way that we silence and repress others, neither of which is healthy for ourselves or society as a whole. We are unable to hear and accept truth.

When in balance, the throat chakra allows us to communicate effectively and with integrity. We become seekers of truth without being attached to what we hope it is. We are able to honor truth without judgement. A balanced throat chakra requires and deep connection between the core of our being and the inner workings of the heart and mind. When the other chakras are working in harmony with the throat chakra, we are direct, honest, positive, and encouraging.

Self Reflection

Finding balance in this chakra requires us to look at the foundations of how we communicate so we can break unhealthy patterns. Some questions to think about:

  • Do I feel free to express my feelings or do I find safety in silence?
  • Do I make jokes to mask uncomfortable emotions?
  • What are the communication patterns in my family? Was I encouraged or discouraged from speaking the truth?
  • How often do I feel I am listened to? That my words are heard?
  • What makes me afraid to speak the truth? Where do I feel that reaction physically?
  • Do I feel able to ask for help to get what I need?


The following affirmations will help you voice your truth.

  • I speak.
  • I speak from my heart.
  • I speak with grace and integrity.
  • I am aligned with my highest truth.
  • I communicate with love and honor.
  • I acknowledge the power of my words.
  • I seek truth and I speak truth.
  • What I have to say is valuable.
  • The truth sets me free.
  • I own my power.

With joy and creativity from my heart to yours,


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