National Vision Board Day


Happy National Vision Board Day!

Today is a day to focus on what you really want in your life and taking a step to make it happen by creating a vision board. Vision boards help us clarify and maintain focus. As the name implies, a vision board is a visual reminder that should be placed somewhere where you see it daily. It might contain daily affirmations, a collage of images, or a combination of the two.

You might be wondering how a vision board is not in conflict with the ideas of acceptance, non-attachment, and living in the moment. Through self-study, we learn what is truly important. We can set goals and work toward what is important as long as we don’t get overly attached to the outcome.

We can look at yoga poses as an example. I often tell my students to not worry about things like getting their heels down in downward facing dog or getting their hand to the floor in triangle. Those elements of the pose look beautiful in magazines and social media but the focus should be on how the pose feels in the body. To paraphrase Dianne Bondy: we should adapt poses to fit our bodies, not expect to adapt our bodies to fit the poses. That’s not to say you can’t mentally think “YES!” when either of those things happens; it just means we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when they don’t.

So if there is a pose you would really like to do, you can create a vision board to remind yourself to work toward it. Visualization really does help. Just keep in mind that you need to be accepting of what your body can do. Remind yourself to let go of ego and not push to get into the pose right away, if ever. Always listen to what your body tells you. Look up one of the many articles about building to that pose (I chose lotus), build your board, and do the work.




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