Humanitarian Day and Schedule for Week of January 16, 2017


Happy Humanitarian Day!

Today is the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. despite the fact that tomorrow is the official national holiday. To honor the birth of Dr. King, today marks the first of three Emancipation Days of Respect. These Days of Respect were established in 2009. Humanitarian Day (different from World Humanitarian Day) is meant to honor King and others who fought and died to end segregation during the Civil Rights movement.

Dr. King is one of my personal heroes. His methods and ideas were, and still are, radical in the best sense of the word. In an era where we seem deeply divided by our differences and fears, the principles of meeting hate with love, darkness with light, fear with courage, and taking right action should inspire us all and remind us that we are all connected.

Related Emancipation Days of Respect are Victims of Violence Holy Day (April 4th, the date of Dr. King’s assassination) and Dream Day Quest and Jubilee (August 28th, the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” Speech).


Here’s where I’ll be this week.

If you’re joining me for the Basics Series, we’re focusing on core work and back bends this week.

A new session of Yin Yoga begins this week at Yoga Balance. It’s a six-week series ($72/6 weeks) but you can drop in anytime ($15 drop-in rate).






Peace and Love,


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