National Garden Meditation Day

May 3rd is National Garden Meditation Day. Whether you have a favorite garden spot, favorite plant, or even a photograph of a beautiful garden, it is a great day to take in the natural beauty of the world and fully see what’s around you.


Take a few moments today and sit quietly in nature. If a guided meditation helps, here is a lovely one from Mike George’s 1001 Meditations: How to Discover Peace of Mind.

Garden of the Mind. Visualize yourself in a garden. The overgrown foliage of discontent blocks out the light and the weeds of worry choke the path. Armed with a fork and pruning shears you begin digging up the weeds and cutting back the shrubs. Penetrating deeper into the garden, you discover features previously unknown to you – a well of love and a fountain of creativity. Having cleared the soil you plant the seeds of joy and laughter. Each day you tend your plants, watching as your flowers of contentment come into bloom.

Peace and joy,


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