#ThoughtulThursday: What’s Going On Update

photogrid_1479976016490.pngI’m long overdue to give an update from my post way back in January. I obviously did not find my groove regarding posting regularly but hope to get back on track going forward.

So here are the update on the big changes that have happened or are still going on.

Original Post: I’m trying to get the house I’ve lived in for 20 years ready to sell. My ex and I didn’t do a lot of updating and I’ve had to make some pretty major updates so that I won’t take a loss on it. It’s taking A LOT more time than I thought it would.

Update: The house is SOLD! I am no longer a homeowner and I am totally okay with that. Side note for anyone who wants to pick on Millennials for not being quick to buy homes: Maybe you should let everyone define their own success. Homeownership can be great but it can also be a pain in the butt.

Original Post: I’ve got a new guy. He’s awesome and helping me with my house and providing me amazing emotional support.

Update: I’ve still got him. Things are going very well.

Original Post: I’ve got a part-time job. It took me my entire adult life to figure out that I wanted to teach yoga but it’s a hard way to make a living, so I’ve had to take an office job to pay the bills. One of my goals this year is to improve my hustle and/or find a part-time job in the wellness industry that doesn’t suck my soul out.

Update: I no longer have the part-time job. I’ve not found something else but the proceeds from the house have given me a little breathing room so I can focus on how I want to build on my yoga career.

Original Post: I’m taking more yoga teacher training. It’s like being in grad school all over again but I love it!

Update: My 300-hour training is beginning to wind down. Graduation is September 30th. We’ll see what happens after that.

Thanks for tuning in,