Welcome Winter with Yin Yoga

The Winter Solstice is just days away. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have to deal with the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter up to that point. In Indiana, where I’m located, many of our winter days are gray,  overcast, and cold even when the daylight hours increase. Many of us lament the urge to cocoon and become lethargic.

But what if we look at things in a different way? Instead of totally dismissing the urge to hibernate, why not embrace the opportunity to turn our awareness inward and recharge? If we work with the season rather than against it, we can learn where our energy is best directed and let go of the need to be busy.

Yin yoga is a practice that allows us to do exactly that. By embracing yin’s principles of long holds and stillness, we can’t turn away from what’s happening in each pose. We have to meet our bodies where they are. Master teacher Biff Mithoefer refers to Yin as a practice of quiet acceptance. The ability listen to our bodies with true acceptance and no judgment is an advanced skill.

In my classes this week, we’ll be doing a variation of a lovely Winter Solstice sequence from Freeport Yoga Company. I hope you’ll join me if you can.

In love and peace,