Schedule for the Week of March 29, 2020

I’ve been out of commission with illness for a while. I’ve got a reduced schedule for the foreseeable future but will be teaching virtually a few times this week. Details are below, but first a thought on our current situation.

We are living in an unusual time. In times of uncertainty, I tend to turn to doing a lot of research to cope. It’s not that I harbor the illusion of being able to control a situation, but because I want to make deformed decisions. Whether you’ve been gathering lots of information, trying to avoid it, or fall somewhere in between, these times have been an emotional roller coaster for most of us. There are many posts and blogs encouraging everyone to be productive and focus only on the positive. While probably well-intentioned, such directives are dismissive of the fact that fear, grief, and anger are valid emotions. This week’s classes will focus on feeling whatever we might be feeling while maintaining the calm at the center of the storm – the True Self.

Back to classes. In-person classes are on hold for the foreseeable future. But this week, I will be offering a virtual gentle yoga class for the good folks who attend Yoga at the Museum. If you’re already on my email list for that group, I will be sending more details later today.

For my lovely students at Community Yoga, I will be leading online versions of my Yin and Restorative classes at 7:15pm on Monday and Wednesday, respectively. If you’re interested in attending, you can preregister for the class least one hour prior to the start. After you’re registered, you’ll get details about attending via Zoom.

Hope to (virtually) see you soon!


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