#MondayMeditation: Strength

From Mike George’s 1001 Meditations, today’s meditation is number 214.

Building stamina. Practice this visualization to give you the strength to keep going when problems seem insurmountable. Visualize yourself at the bottom of a mountain whose summit is enshrouded in cloud. You embark on the long and arduous ascent — the path is steep and rocky, the damp air chills your skin and the mist grows ever thicker. You concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that the path will deliver you to your destination. Near the summit the clouds disperse and the way ahead becomes clear. You realize that as long as you have the strength to keep going, all challenges are conquerable.

1001 Meditations: How to Discover Peace of Mind. Mike George. Watkins. 2011.

You are stronger than you know. We’ll get through this.


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