#WednesdayWonder: What Can I Do?

This year has been a wild ride so far. Almost everyone I’ve talked to of late is feeling incredibly exhausted and like they’re on shaky ground. There is very little we can truly control. So what can we do to feel a little more secure?

  • Find something that gives you peace. Maybe it’s simple cup of coffee or tea, a walk in the woods, meditation, or petting the cat. As long as there is no harm to you or others, do more of it.
  • Face your stress and fear. We tend to push stress and fear away and avoid it, but that only makes them grow stronger. Take a look and try to get past the discomfort. Is it something you can control? If so, what can you do to alleviate it – even if just a little? Do one thing. Don’t give up.
  • Be kind. To yourself and others. We need more kindness and empathy in the world right now.

Hang in there,