For My Girl

Hey, lovelies. A word about this week’s post. I’m not going to get into yogic principles or convey some sort of life lesson this week. I’m going to talk about my dog. If you don’t think animals are important or you don’t have the energy to deal with grief and sadness this week, you’ll want to move on to something else.

Almost 10 years ago, I saw a dog on Petfinder and fell in love. When I was volunteering with one of our local shelters, I would always think it odd when someone would tell me they saw a photo online and “just knew” this was there dog. Until it happened to me. I saw Minnie’s picture and knew. This was my dog.

She wasn’t even available for adoption yet and I was the first of at least 30 people to inquire about her (corgis aren’t often available for adoption). She was in Illinois. People thought I was crazy or stupid or both to drive more than 2 hours for a dog. But I am so glad I did.

Minnie was a true partner through good and bad. She was with me through the deaths of her big sister Glory, who she idolized, and my little old men, Winston and Rain Cloud. She was with me when my husband moved out, and through all my mom’s heart procedures and other health issues. She was with me through good things, too — all my teacher trainings, meeting Huck, and welcoming her kitty sisters Mickey and Bunny. She even accompanied on some of my volunteer gigs.

No matter what was happening or how pissy my mood, she always looked at me with that brilliant corgi smile, like I was the best thing that ever happened to her. She always wanted to be by my side, and I hers.

Although she had been declining in the last year, the end was sudden and unpleasant and my heart is still aching. Despite the end, I am grateful for having had such a wonderful love in my life. I hope she knew/knows how much she was loved.

Much love, my friends,