Moon Manifestation Series

I’m working on a thing. A moon manifestation series. And you are invited to join me in its development.

What It Is

We’ll use the lunar cycle as a guide for setting an intention. From the new moon through the last quarter, we’ll use the phases of the moon to help guide us through work with our intentions. As the moon grows in strength, we’ll be more proactive and active in our pursuits; as the moon begins to wane, we’ll become more introspective. We’ll use a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, and journaling throughout the cycle.

  • With the new moon, the blank slate, we’ll clear our minds and set our intention.
  • With the growing strength of the first quarter moon, we’ll strengthen our resolve.
  • With the energy of the full moon, we’ll celebrate our successes.
  • With the waning energy of the last quarter moon, we’ll become more contemplative.

What It Isn’t

This isn’t a series based on astrology or magic or “moonology” (a term that has been popping up in my research). There’s nothing wrong with any of those things. That’s just not where my interest or expertise lies.

How You Can Participate

Join me for live classes on my Facebook page. Share your feedback. It’s free! So why not check it out?

This Month’s Schedule (all times EST)

  • 6:30am, February 13 – March 12, Morning Movement and Meditation
  • 7:00pm, February 19, First Quarter Gathering
  • 7:00pm, February 27, Full Moon Gathering
  • 7:00pm, March 5, Last Quarter Gathering

All on Facebook. If you can’t make the live classes, the videos will be saved.

Hope you’ll join me!