It’s Been a Minute

It’s been a “minute” or two since my last blog post.

Every week since my last post, I’ve fully intended to write something – anything, really. I’ve just felt “blah” about every subject that came to mind. February has always sent me into “cocoon” mode. This year, with the persistent snow we had, that has been especially true.

Taking time to rest and cocoon or reset is okay. We all need a little down time to rest, grow, and heal. We need a time to look inward and come to grips with the “good” and “bad” parts of ourselves. How else can we determine how to grow, change, and adapt? I know many people in my orbit feel the same way about this time of year.

As we get farther into the month of March and closer and closer to the Vernal Equinox, it’s time to emerge from this quiet state. It’s hard to say exactly what the future will look like. I know many are ready to get back to “normal” and I completely understand that impulse. Getting back to “normal”, however, does a disservice to the far too many people who have passed from COVID complications or have to live with the aftereffects. Instead of rushing back to “normal”, let’s take part of this season to consciously reflect before acting. Ask yourself:

  • What strengths can I build on moving forward?
  • What is important to me?
  • How can I act to make the world a better place for others who are suffering?
  • What do I want life to look like?

May you find the answers you seek.