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National Gardening Month: Yoga for Gardeners, Part 3


During this National Gardening Day, we’ve looked at poses to do before and during gardening. After a long day of bending, lifting, and working against gravity in the garden, a few poses to counteract the day’s activities are in order. Reclined poses allow gravity to work with the body rather than against, twists help tone the spine and loosen up the back, and elevating the feet helps release the stress of the day.

May all your flowers bloom,




Restore from St. Paddy’s Day

Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. Whether you partied and need to recover or would just like to add a gentle supportive pose to your yoga repertoire, a supported twist may be just what you need.


Image from Natural Awakenings

Supported Spinal Twist

Getting into the Pose:

  • Build a support with bolsters/blankets with or without blocks underneath
  • Use blankets under shoulders/legs and/or between legs
  • Sit next to a bolster with hips on the floor, one hip next to the bolster, and legs relaxed away from the bolster
  • Turn the torso so you face the bolster and let hands come to a rest on either side
  • Lengthen through the spine and drape your torso over the bolster


  • Knees closer to chest, intensifies the stretch in the lower back
  • Arms extended stretches armpits and shoulders
  • Turning the head away from the knees intensifies the stretch in the neck; turning the head toward the knees can be more gentle

Being There:

  • Relax space between shoulder blades
  • Exhale, release into twist
  • Inhale, create space
  • Feel the body lengthen over supports
  • Breathe quietly
  • Hold for 3 to 5 minutes per side


  • Relieves stress in backs, sides
  • Stretches muscles between ribs
  • Enhances breathing

Coming Out:

  • Bring hands under shoulders
  • Inhale come up


National Bird Day

wp-1483553444155.jpgHappy National Bird Day!

National Bird Day was established to coincide with the end of the annual Christmas Bird Count. The CBC has been conducted annually for more than a decade and is a wonderful example of citizen science . If the environment is important to you, it’s a great way to get involved, help collect data, and make a difference. You can contact your local Audubon Society chapter to take part in the next global bird count in May.

Some interesting facts for the National Bird Day site:

  • Today, nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century, including nearly one-third of the world’s 330 parrot species.
  • Birds are sentinel species whose plight serves as barometer of ecosystem health and alert system for detecting global environmental ills.
  • The survival and well-being of the world’s birds depends upon public education and support for conservation.

Ready to celebrate birds? I am. You can visit Take Flight Learning to determine #WhichBirdAreYou, print off the mask, and share on social media. Also, there are many yoga poses named after birds, so pick your favorite and share it on social media, too.

I love the modified, restorative versions of pigeon pose. Usually in pigeon, the knee of my forward leg is in line with my shoulder, my forward foot is just under the opposite hip (as opposed to my shin being parallel to the top of the mat), and my hips are WAY up in the air. This is the safe, comfortable way for me to get into pigeon.


When I do want to get my shin parallel to the top of the mat for a deeper hip opening, I use bolsters. There are lots of variations of this pose but these are my favorites. Both versions start the same — with a bolster to support the upper body. The difference between the two is the position of the second bolster.

In version one, my forward shin is parallel to the front and my back leg is supported by the bolster. In version 2, the bolster is placed to support the forward leg with the shin on the floor, the hip and thigh supported by the bolster (and because I’m so short, it catches most of the front of my thigh on my back leg as well). In version 1, there is a stronger stretch in the hip of my forward leg; version 2, allows me to relax that hip more.

If you have any poses you’d like to see modified, let me know. I love that kind of stuff!

Let your imagination take flight,


Festival of Sleep Day

wp-1483384284753.jpgRaise your hand if you get enough sleep.


I didn’t think so.

Well, today is the day to make sure to get enough sleep. January 3rd is the annual Festival of Sleep Day. It’s a day to sleep in, go to bed early, or nap.

Getting adequate sleep makes us more energetic and alert, and improves our health. A long-term lack of sleep and sleep disorders can negatively impact the brain and the heart. So grab your favorite jammies or go commando if that’s your thing, turn off the TV and computer, and hit the sack.

Looking for another bonus way to get a deep rest? Try Restorative Yoga. Drop in any Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. at Community Yoga to enjoy a little “adult naptime.” In my Restorative class, we use yoga props to completely support the body in less than a half dozen poses and end with deep relaxation or yoga nidra for a thoroughly relaxing experience.



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