Available Options

I offer a variety of options to work with my clients’ schedules.

Group classes: If you prefer to practice yoga in a structured group setting, consider joining one of my current classes at the Community Yoga (West Lafayette), Morton Center (West Lafayette), or the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.  (Click here to view my class schedule.)

Private classes:  Sometimes you need the flexibility and attention of a private class.  I will work with your needs to shape a balanced practice tailored to you.  Private classes are also a good option if you want to try yoga and understand the postures before joining a group class or if you need modified practice due to a health condition.   You can also get your own group of friends or neighbors together for a comfortable, fun session! Contact me to discuss pricing and to schedule a private class.

Workshops: Want to explore your favorite yoga topic in depth? Workshops are a great opportunity to deepen your understanding on a variety of topics including chakra work, meditation and relaxation or bodywork focus. Check my Classes & Workshops page for upcoming workshops.

Corporate yoga: Corporate yoga is a great way to increase employee productivity and improve morale. On-site yoga classes provide a healthy alternative for employees looking to reduce stress and develop healthier coping skills. Yoga in the workplace can improve employee wellness, which can result in less time off from work, increased energy, and higher levels of concentration and creativity.  I can help your company use yoga to give your employees the skills and relaxation they need to meet some of the personal challenges of demanding jobs. Contact me to discuss bringing the benefits of yoga to your workplace.

If you are interested in one of these options or would like more information, please feel free the contact me!