Revenge of the Fifth


Illustrations by Rob Ozborne

Yesterday we celebrated the light, and today we embrace the dark side. The poses:

Have fun today!




May the Fourth


Illustrations by Rob Ozborne

Introduce your inner geek to your inner yogi with this fun Star Wars-inspired yoga as drawn by Rob Ozborne.

The poses:

Celebrate the light and May the Fourth be with you,


National Garden Meditation Day

May 3rd is National Garden Meditation Day. Whether you have a favorite garden spot, favorite plant, or even a photograph of a beautiful garden, it is a great day to take in the natural beauty of the world and fully see what’s around you.


Take a few moments today and sit quietly in nature. If a guided meditation helps, here is a lovely one from Mike George’s 1001 Meditations: How to Discover Peace of Mind.

Garden of the Mind. Visualize yourself in a garden. The overgrown foliage of discontent blocks out the light and the weeds of worry choke the path. Armed with a fork and pruning shears you begin digging up the weeds and cutting back the shrubs. Penetrating deeper into the garden, you discover features previously unknown to you – a well of love and a fountain of creativity. Having cleared the soil you plant the seeds of joy and laughter. Each day you tend your plants, watching as your flowers of contentment come into bloom.

Peace and joy,


Gardening for Wildlife Month


Coming right after April as National Gardening Month, May is Gardening for Wildlife Month. Adding elements in your garden that attract wildlife has a number of benefits:

  • A diverse landscape using native plants can support an abundance of wildlife and can especially help declining populations, like pollinators;
  • Using native plants conserves energy since they are acclimated to the local climate, requiring less water and maintenance once established;
  • Attractive plantings and the wildlife drawn to them create artistic and educational opportunities; and
  • You can share in the food abundance! Herbs like mints and parsley attract butterflies and fruit trees and shrubs attract lots of birds and mammals.

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting more info about resources and specific plants for specific wildlife. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see here.




Global Love Day


May 1st marks Global Love Day, a day established in 2004 by The Love Foundation. It is a day meant to celebrate the wisdom of universal peace and love. It’s a great day to practice unconditional love for yourself as well as others. Be aware of your inner critic. Rather than ignore what the inner critic has to say, look at what it is saying without bias. Accept the truth of your own humanity and the humanity of others around us. Reframe any “negative” thoughts in a more positive way. Practice meeting anger with love. Recognize that although we are all different, we are all part of a greater whole and our diversity makes us stronger. Live and love without fear today.

Thank You Thursday

13256193_888593681266985_8730935961390385525_nThank You Thursday was inspired by motivational speaker Jon Gordon. It is meant to be a day to practice thankfulness for people in your life and expressing gratitude to others. Whenever you think about it today, take a moment to pause and think about the things in life you are grateful for and ways that you can make someone else’s day brighter, even with just a smile.

Thank you for reading,




National Pretzel Day


National Pretzel Day is a great day to get free pretzels, but it also makes me think of the number of times that people tell me they’ve never done yoga because they “aren’t flexible enough” or they “can’t do those pretzel poses.” I usually have two responses to that: 1) saying you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath, and 2) I’m not flexible either.

Yoga can be about doing incredible looking poses, if that’s what you’re into. It can also be about learning what your body and mind are capable of. It can be about whatever you want it to be. Just get on your mat and see what you find.



National Gardening Month: Yoga for Gardeners, Part 3


During this National Gardening Day, we’ve looked at poses to do before and during gardening. After a long day of bending, lifting, and working against gravity in the garden, a few poses to counteract the day’s activities are in order. Reclined poses allow gravity to work with the body rather than against, twists help tone the spine and loosen up the back, and elevating the feet helps release the stress of the day.

May all your flowers bloom,



Earth Day

IMG_20170422_192452_914On this beautiful Earth Day, I enjoyed a workshop with the wonderful Alie McManus. During our closing meditation, part of what we focused on was planting a seed for what we want to grow. Today is a perfect day to plant a seed for our future, both literally and metaphorically.

Take a moment today and imagine what you would most like to see happen in your life, in your world. Incorporate it into your meditation. Live like it is already a reality. See what happens.

With love and light,




Fun Friday: The Queen’s Birthday

Although her official birthday is celebrated on a weekend in June, April 21 is the actual birth date of Queen Elizabeth II. So here’s a little post in tribute to Queen…

Oops. I meant the Queen. Since she, too, loves corgis, here’s a message from my sweet Minnie (and her pal, Mickey).


And to one of my best pals, Melissa: A super happy birthday to you, too! May you always be at the front of the conga line!


Have a fantastic day, everyone!



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